I want this blog to raise a very important question that may have been missed during the panic and anxiety generated by the media.

What are the long term effects of quarantine on people’s mental health?

This act of quarantine has never been carried out in modern history amongst the majority of humanity. Are we playing with fire without knowing it?


The Delicate Balance

I understand that people need to be distancing themselves from others to prevent the spread of the virus, however there needs to be a delicate balance. I feel the strictness of quarantine measures in the majority of countries is compromising people’s mental health.

Mental illnesses slowly creep up on you over time with subtle symptoms. I’ve experienced this and sometimes you are knee deep into it before you know it.

By our very nature as humans we need to have time to be outside, to exercise and to have social interaction. When you are cooked up at home with little to do and have 24/7 access to the news and social media, it can be a dangerous recipe for the mind and a breeding ground for anxiety.

I realize many people out there have lots of things to do at home with home schooling and families to look after. But there are also a lot of people living alone without these positive purposeful distractions. Without a routine and purpose each day, it can be difficult to motivate ourselves. I found that with too much time on my hands and no daily goals to achieve I developed a bad habit of negative self talk and a gradual decline in self-esteem.

I want to give people hope and advice from what I have learnt from living in isolation in the past. You are not alone in this situation and there are things you can do to prevent the onslaught of fear and anxiety, which is rife at the moment.

Things to avoid during quarantine

1. Too much smart phone usage – Exposure to news apps and social media. This is elevated during the Corona Virus since there is no positive news, particularly since all sports have stopped.

2. Not having enough to do in daily life and no routine which can result in a feeling of not having a purpose.

3. Not exercising enough and spending more time indoors watching TV.

4. Lack of social interaction. Regular skype calls with friends and family are important. I found phone calls much more engaging and nutritious for my mood than impersonal static text message and emails. Engaging with others helps you feel connected.

5. Do not get too down on yourself. It is important to stay positive and realize the situation will not last forever. It is important to do things that you love and have things to look forward to each day.

Tips and advice for healthy habits during quarantine

1. Restrict exposure to the mainstream news, social media and fake fear inducing news.

2. Read more books.

3. Try and learn something new, keep your brain engaged and focused on something that isn’t the virus.

4. Listen to your favourite music and discover new music.

5. Get in touch with others you don’t normally have time for. Give up the texting and have Skype chats.

6. Try and create a purpose in your quarantined life. Create goals each day based around a regular routine which you stick to.

7. Exercise in doors with body weight workouts, Pilates and yoga classes. All can be done with the help of YouTube and a little discipline.

8. Prioritize getting out into nature as part of the allotted time you are allowed outside.


Overall I feel there needs to be balance between social distancing and complete isolation. The quarantining process is a complete unknown on such a huge level and we are unaware of the effects it is having and will have on our minds in the long term.

My message is to be mindful of your daily habits and keep your brain healthy and active during these challenging times. I have experienced isolation and have felt the destructive effects which I want others to avoid.