Intimacy Issues

What are intimacy issues?

Problems with intimacy can be present when you have difficulty becoming close to someone. Intimacy issues can be emotional as well as physical and can get in the way of having a loving, sexual relationship. I realize now that my own intimacy problems have been one the root causes of my erectile dysfunction and awkwardness in my sex life for many years. It’s the deeper issues of low self esteem, lack of trust and fear of being vulnerable with someone that has inhibited me to experience the pure joy and pleasure of a loving relationship both in and out of the bedroom.

How I can help

Many of the root cause fears listed, will often originate from childhood or teenage years growing up. When we are young, these fears and negative beliefs can be hardwire our belief system. The influence of peer pressure from our friends, bully’s, teachers and parents can dominate our thoughts and result in beliefs of feeling not good enough.

I use the Emotion Code to remove these deep rooted trapped emotions from past traumas that could be stopping you having the most loving, joyous relationships. Emotions such as abandonment, rejection, unworthy, shame and jealousy can be trapped in our subconscious mind from childhood which are causing our current fears.

In my case, as a man from the north east of England, I feared dancing and singing for many years because these activities were open to ridicule from the old school masculine community of the 1990’s (watch the film, Billy Elliot). After having sessions of the Emotion Code and Body Code, my self-esteem has increased so much that I no longer take notice of peer pressure and thoughts of negativity in my head. I live my life by doing the things that makes my heart and soul sing which now include dancing.

Symptoms of intimacy issues

  • Low Self-esteem
  • Avoiding physical contact
  • Trust issues
  • Sexual dysfunction / pain
  • Anxiety of sexual performance
  • Unable to be vulnerable (sharing emotions and feelings)
  • Unable to commit to close relationships

Root causes of intimacy issues

  • Fear of commitment
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of abandonment being hurt or humiliated
  • Fear of losing personal freedom
  • Fear of being trapped
  • Feeling unworthy of deserving your partner
  • Fear of showing your true self (good & bad sides)
  • Childhood abuse

Do you have intimacy problems with your partner?

Are you afraid of getting too close to your partner?