What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder in which people find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both. Insomnia can result in not feeling refreshed when you wake up from sleeping. This can lead to fatigue and other symptoms.

How I can help

In my experience, insomnia would often be the result of anxiety. Especially environmental anxiety and being very sensitive to the sounds such as bass noises and loud music from parties even if my partner didn’t notice it to be very loud. With my clients I often find there to be a deeper reason for them not being able to sleep whether that be a nutrient deficiency, emotional trauma, lifestyle choices or stress. Using the Emotion Code, I can find out the root cause of insomnia which often results in other benefits such as feeling more peaceful, content as well as sleeping better.

Symptoms of insomnia

  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Waking up in the night
  • Waking feeling not refreshed

Are you suffering from lack of sleep?

Do you need help with insomnia?