Energy Home Cleanse

Do you feel negative energies in your home?

Energy operates at different vibrations and frequencies. Sometimes these vibrations can be low and can be sensed by feeling cold, dampness or having a feeling that something is not quite right. Have you ever walked into a hospital, old church or pub and felt something is strange? These places often have entities or spirits that are operating at a low vibration. The same could be applicable for your home or property. I use the Easy Entity Release method to energetically clean your home or property to leave you feeling at ease in your surroundings.

What is a Property curse?

The buildings we live in and particularly the land they are built on usually have a deeper history than we are aware of. This history includes the many people who have owned the property who may have led interesting and controversial lives. Curses are made of pure energy like everything else in the universe and can be portrayed as , hex’s, verbal or written curses. I can test to see if both the property and land have any such curses or entities attached to it which may be contributing to disharmony and imbalance in your life.

How I can help

I can remove curses, entities and negative energies from homes and properties using a method called Easy Entity Release. This method uses the same principles of the Emotion Code which releases emotions from people. I can do the same, releasing negative energies from homes and their land on which they are built.

Benefits of Entity Entity Release on your home include the following:

  • Helping a property to be sold / rented quicker and will less hassle.
  • Making your home feel more cozy, safe, secure and less cold.
  • Removing the source of negative energies which affect you and your family’s energy field.

I recently removed curses and entities from a cabin in Norway that a client had been trying to sell for 10 years. He said there had been little interest in the cabin and things always seemed to go wrong such as water leakages and electrical faults. I spent 15 minutes releasing dark portals, curses and possessions. Within 7 days he had 3 solid offers which resulted in the cabin being sold 2 weeks later.