What is the Emotion Code?

Pretty much everyone I know has acquired emotional baggage throughout their life whether it be from challenging times at school, arguments with parents or failed relationships, etc.

Emotions can get trapped in the body and over time cause unwanted tension in the mind and body which can manifest as problems such as anxiety, chronic pain, etc.

The Emotion Code is a method that identifies the trapped emotion, the age it was trapped and the cause. A magnet is then used to release the trapped emotion.

How does the Emotion Code work?

The Emotion Code uses kinesiology, or muscle testing whilst connected to the subconscious mind of the client to find the trapped emotion.

Once connected, we ask yes and no questions to the subconscious and get the feedback in the form of muscle testing which helps us identify which emotion is trapped. The Emotion Code can be carried out in person but is more commonly done remotely by using Zoom or Skype.

I am a certified emotion code practitioner in Norway. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

The following method describes how to release a trapped emotion using the emotion code:

1. Identify the trapped emotion

We muscle test using a table of 60 emotions (shown below) split into 2 columns and 6 rows. We ask the subconscious which column and row the trapped emotion is in. We then go through each of the 5 emotions in the section until we get a positive muscle response of ‘yes’.

2. When was the emotion trapped?

We muscle test the person’s age using yes and no questions e.g. ‘was he/she under 5?’

3. What caused the emotion to be trapped?

We muscle test the event or experience that caused the emotion to be trapped. I like to keep this high level so we don’t need to be too personal about what happened. I ask ‘was it because of school, work, family, partner’?

4. Conclusion

I then conclude the method by asking whether the emotion can be released. When I get a positive ‘yes’ response I move a magnet over the top of my head (governing meridian, used in acupuncture) three times to release the emotion (10 times for inherited emotions).

What is the heart wall within the Emotion Code?

The Heart Wall is something our subconscious minds build to protect us after we feel deep grief, hurt, loss or rejection. This wall protects us from being hurt again.

​However as we get older and we become more resilient, we do not need this emotional protection around our heart anymore. The heart wall can stop us finding love, finding our true purpose and finding that feeling of inner peace, contentment and happiness.

​Heart wall removal is part of my practice and is usually undertaken after 3+ sessions. Our heart walls are made of a number of emotions (range from 5 to 16 emotions) taken from the Emotion Code Chart.

What is the Body Code?

The Body Code is an App based energy balancing system that can help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness and suffering in the mind, body and spirit.

On a practical level these areas include chakra balancing, reseting of meridians as per Chinese medicine, finding vitamin deficiencies and removal of curses and entities to name just a few.

The Body Code works on the same principles as the Emotion Code using muscle testing to identifying imbalances within the subconscious mind and using a magnet to restore harmony.

The Body Code addresses six major areas:

  • Energies
  • Circuits & Systems
  • Toxins
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • Misalignments
  • Pathogens

What is Easy Entity Release?

The Easy Entity Release program is a comprehensive healing system to remove dark entities and spirit attachments from the energy field, physical body and subconscious mind. I use the same methods of release as used in the Emotion Code & Body Code with the only difference being that I muscle test a number of lists for dark entities, offensive energies and negative energies. As well as dark entity removal, the Easy Entity Release system includes removal of entity possessions, black magic energy, offensive energies, energy field holes, doorway openings and dark portals.

Dark Entities

Dark entities are energetic beings that do not serve our health and wellbeing. They can be viewed as low vibrational energies operating at a low frequencies which brings down our mood, happiness and state of mind. The entities are attracted to emotions of vibration such as shame, guilt, hate and fear which can be felt during times of trauma throughout our life. Typical entities removed in a session include Dark Entity Curses, Draco Reptilians, Demonic Consciousness Jinn Spirits and Reptilian Greys.

Entity Possessions

Entity possessions can occur when an entity (non physical being) attaches and occupies our physical body. This can create emotional, mental and physical disharmony. These possessions can take the form of energetic cords which may be taking energy from you and need to be cut in order to help clients heal.

Black Magic

Black magic also known as witchcraft is usage of supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes and to perform malicious practices to destroy someone physically, mentally or financially. Black magic energies can take the form of practices we may have carried out consciously or unconsciously in this life or past lives. With most clients, the black magic energy needed to be released is from past lives. Typical black magic energies include curses, spells, hexes, occult energies, voodoo, evil eye and biblical dark energy.

Negative & Toxic Energies

As energy beings, we have the capacity to consciously and unconsciously transfer energy to one another. When we are in relationships with people who are living from a place of fear, anger, hostility, resentment and scarcity it is possible for them to project that negativity on to you when you do something that irritates them. We absorb other people’s energy when our natural bioenergetic defense system is low, due to our own stress, low vibration and unresolved past trauma. When we are in this low state of being our energy is a vibrational match to other people’s negative low energetic states of being; and therefore, that negative energy can easily be transferred from one person to another. Typical negative energies are narcissism, vampiric, sabotage, self-abuse, domination, gas-lighting and energetic cords (with other people).

Energy Field Holes

Eternity loops, Loopholes & Escape Holes are created by dark entities and Evil Spirts to guarantee they are never cleared and released from their host. When a dark entity or evil spirit is cleared, they use energetic loops and escape holes to circle through and back to us. An eternity loop ensures the cycle continues for eternity.

Doorways, Windows Portals, Accessways, and Vortexes

Doorways and other definitions are energetic openings that are created within a person’s energy field, or mind, or body, that create a lower vibrational (energy) opening, which instantly allows or invites any type of non-physical being within a close enough proximity into a person’s energy field/aura. These openings are created through various ways, such as fear, anger, drugs, alcohol, some medications, some surgeries, being unconscious/knocked out for a moment, power over others through sex, money etc. They provide a way for dark entities and negative energies to access your energy field, manipulate your thoughts and feed off your sacred energy.

Dark Portals

Dark portals are energetic doorways from this dimension into the dark force dimension. They use them to jump in, and out of this dimension, and into their dimensions. They can be placed within people’s energy fields or they can be placed within certain spaces, homes, land, etc.

Some of the names of the dark entities and other forms of negative energies may be a bit off putting but I reassure my clients that everyone I work with has entities in their field and it’s completely normal. By clearing these negative or low vibrational energies from clients, they are able to feel lighter, as if a load has been taken from their shoulders that they have carried for some time.

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